Great style direct from the makers. Enduring design and fine workmanship are inextricable. With Robin, you have countless options in your reach, so you can be sure you’re more than pleased with the purchase.


New Arrivals

Our traditional dining tables, chairs, case pieces and other traditional dining furniture are geared
toward those who appreciate the simplicity and true craftsmanship.

Cómoda MC Urban 12C

12 Cajones – Ruedas metálicas

Cómoda MC Forja Alta 5C

5 Cajones – Forja

Cómoda MC Forja TV 4C 1E

4 Cajones – 1 Entrepaño – Forja

Cómoda AS TV 4C 1E

4 Cajones – 1 Entrepaño

Barra Sofá LF 193 cm

Barra Sofá –  1 Entrepaño

Cómoda LF TV 76″

2 Cajones – 2 Puertas Cristal – 2 Puertas Madera – 1 Entrepaño – 76″ largo

Cómoda LF TV 52″

2 Cajones – 1 Puerta Cristal – 1 Entrepaño – 52″ largo

Mesa Comedor Palace Baja 160

Diámetro 160 cm – Madera


Hot Deal Of The Weeks

Robin has the weekly promotion, keep up with us and you’ll get the best deal to get your loved stuff. Our design reflects the purity of contemporary forms for enduring appeal.

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